December 9, 2016

Banksy Posters and Canvas Art

banksy posterBanksy …the world famous graffiti artist whose identity is a strictly guarded secret. The official website certainly doesn’t exactly offer any clues!

Banksy art is highly collected and is available in various formats as well as on walls of buildings. The one pictured here is entitled Your Monkey Or Your Life and is a parody of the cult film Pulp Fiction …the guns have been substituted with bananas of course. If you’re a Banksy fan then you’ll know that the artists images often include irony, humour and many references to social issues.

For cheap Banksy posters then your best bet is probably amazon who have a good range priced at £3.99.

For Banksy canvas art you can buy from Vivarti and World Gallery, both shops have a selection of Banksy pictures and offer a range of framing options.

At you can even buy Banksy laptop skins for around £10 – that’s a great gift idea for teenagers and students.

Limited edition Banksy prints are all available from the above art shop but expect to pay way over £1,000 for one of them !