December 9, 2016

Wooden Chicken

wooden chickenI spotted this toy wooden chicken in a magazine and I can’t make my mind up if I like it or not!

Ideal for youngsters (3+) the limbs are held by velcro and it comes with toy carving knife and serving platter.

You can buy the chop chop chicken at Cox & Cox.

Top Ten Retro Sweets

As Waitrose announce that they will soon be stocking aniseed balls from January next year, the Telegraph listed the top ten retro sweets that people apparently miss the most.

Amongst the list below are some retro sweets that are still readily available to buy today. My wife and children bought me some sherbet pips last Christmas in a funky tin from Sainsburys and I’m sure that you can still get liquorice torpedoes from lots of shops. Anyways, here’s the top 10 retro sweets:

  1. Aniseed balls
  2. Shrimps
  3. Sherbet pips
  4. Lemon bonbons
  5. Sweet peanuts
  6. Chocolate mice
  7. Strawberry bonbons
  8. Liquorice torpedoes
  9. Toffe bonbons
  10. Foam bananas

The online sweetshop A Quarter Of stocks a fab range of great sweets …including aniseed balls!


baconnaiseIf it didn’t exist, you wouldn’t invent it is a quote that you usually hear about strange products or one-off businesses.

But actually it’s not always true! Baconnaise didn’t exist, it is strange, but someone has invented it!

What the heck is Baconnaise I hear you ask? Well, it’s like mayonnaise but it has a hint of bacon to it. Obviously.

Already a smash hit in America, this spreadable pork infused mayo baco comes in regular or lite and despite the claimed real bacon taste, there ain’t one bit of bacon in there. It contains less calories and fat than non baconized mayonnaise. And as there’s actually no bacon in Baconnaise, it’s suitable for in denial vegetarians everywhere!

Could this be the new Marmite? You’re gonna have to buy a jar to find out!