December 9, 2016

VW Campervan Mug Retro

campervan mugA mug of tea is bound to taste better in this retro VW Campervan Mug. Great, oldstyle colours and featuring the classic split screen VW this mug would make a great gift for any campervan fan!

Also available in old mini and VW Beetle styles too. £9.00

Penguin Classic Mugs

penguin classic mugI’ve just spotted these great Penguin Classic Mugs …aren’t they good! Penguin Books have published some classic books and these new mugs celebrate just some of their best known titles. I really like the understated colours and the black font on the white background. If like me you’re taken with these Penguin mugs you might also like these Crayons mugs.

Anyways, you buy these mugs at

Haynes Mugs Make Ace Gifts

vw mugJust found these really ace Haynes mugs that feature three all-time classic cars.

Pictured is the VW Transporter mug, finished in orange and coming in a nice little gift box. I’ve mentioned the the classic VW camper van before as you can also get things like a VW ornament and a make your own camper model.

The other two cars in the Haynes mug range are the old Mini and the Land Rover. You can see what they look like below and click these links to buy yours: VW Transporter, Mini, Land Rover

Prozac A Day Mug

prozac mugI haven’t featured any novelty mugs for a while but this one caught my eye!

It’s says A Prozac A Day Keeps The Voices Away 🙂 It’s a really vibrant, colourful novelty mug and at only £3.99 delivered from amazon or it’s a great bargain too.

Amazon and Play are selling them real fast, so if you want one you’d better listen to those little voices in your head and order one as soon as!

Next Cupcake Range

next cupcakePictured is what I’ve named the Next Cupcake range for obvious reasons.

Highstreet retailer Next, who do far, far more than clothes nowadays, especially online and via their directory have this cutesy range of cupcake style mugs, teapot and accessories.

Rather girlie and very suitable for the princess in your life. Ideal for mums, girlfriends, sisters and aunties.

Oh, unfortunately I can’t seem to find that little pink cat. If you know where to get one from, please leave a comment below.

Novelty Dirty Mug

dirty mugAlthough this mug looks totally dirty – it’s not, it’s squeaky clean! The dripped coffee stains and lipstick are part of the pattern, but anyone seeing this mug in an office cupboard is likely to pick another one! Ideal for anyone who doesn’t like sharing their mug. Would also make a great secret santa present as it’s only £3.95 with free delivery from

I Am Not A Paper Cup

not paper cupThis award winning gift is called I Am Not A Paper Cup has proved to be a big hit around the world.

It’s a double walled, porcelain cup that comes complete with a removable silicone lid. An easy, practical, eco-friendly and perfect way to add a little extra joy to his must-have coffee or tea (or any hot beverage), whilst maintaining that coffee-house chic!

It’s practical in that its both dishwasher and microwave proof. If it stopped someone popping into Starbucks, Costa and the like it’d no doubt save them a small fortune.

A really good, unusual but perfectably usable gift available to buy from these online stores:

Splat Stan Coaster

Splat Stan coasterSplat Stan is a coffee cup coaster and a mate of Dead Fred.

Stan is made from silicone rubber who gets splatted protecting your table top from tea and coffee stains! Ideal for use at your desk or on your bedside table.

Edward Monkton Mugs

monkton mugEdward Monkton (official site) is an artist known for his quirky and philosophical musings on life. Some of his drawings now adorn these lovely mugs like the one shown.

My other half loves gorgeous handbags so I’m minded to treat her to this mug myself …John Lewis have got it in stock, priced at around £7. They’ve got a few mugs to choose from though the current ones are bit girlie!

Chalk Mugs

chalk mugsThese are the ultimate in personalised mugs! The makers of these ingenious mugs have added a glaze like a chalk board surface allowing for easy-wipe messaging with a stick of chalk.

So you can leave allsorts of messages depending upon what’s gone on during the day at home or in the office. As a few suggestions how about:

  • Sorry, I’ll do the ironing
  • Milk no sugar
  • Please Sir, can I have some more
  • I Love You
  • Wot No Coffee

I’m sure you can think of plenty more!

These seem to be in and out of stock but as I type this amazon have got them 🙂