December 9, 2016

Butterfly Practice Table Tennis Robot

table tennis robotThis is one of the most unusual products I’ve seen in ages – the Butterfly Practice Partner 10 Robot.

For those of you seriously in to table tennis this is the gift for you! If you’ve got nobody to play table tennis with or you just need to practice then this robot is going to be your new best friend.

This free-standing robot serves up to 80 balls a minute and using the remote control you can change the speed and direction of the ping-pong balls the robot hits. Is it possible to actually hit 80 balls a minute?? If not, you can adjust the speed, starting at 25 a minute.

Apparently table tennis is becoming all the rage again and is no longer deemed only suitable for early Friday evenings down at the youthie 🙂

The price? Well you didn’t imagine it’d be cheap did you?

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Fire Steel – Ideal Outdoors Gift

fire steelThis inexpensive military used fire steel will make a great gift for anyone who loves the outdoor life. And who doesn’t fancy themselves as a budding Ray Mears once in a while?

Orginally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense, the FireSteel is a flash of genius! It’s 3000C spark (that’s rather hot, mind your fingers) makes fire building easy in any weather, at any altitude.

This fire steel is standard issue for a number of armies around the world and it’s dependability has already made it a favourite of:

  • survival experts
  • fishermen
  • campers
  • it’s also ideal for lighting garden bonfires and barbeques!

An ideal gift for dads, uncles, big brothers and grandads and only around £9.50 too.

Waboba Ball

waboba-ballThis cheap novelty gift is actually a rather good idea. The Waboba ball bounces on water! So just like a pebble skimming across the water, the Waboba ball bounces across the surface only it’s a lot safer than a stone.

It’s a palm sized ball and is made of polyurethane and has a Lycra coating. The mix of different polyurethanes makes the ball bounce and float on water!

Ideal on holiday in the sun and much better than forever retrieving a traditional beach ball. S’pose you could also use it as a dogs ball and keep Spike busy 😉

Under a fiver and available from the likes of Iwoot, Firebox, Find Me A Gift and Amazon